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4:00 PM in St. Clair - November thru April

5:00 PM in Madison Lake - May thru October

Every Sunday 

8:30 AM in St. Clair

10:00 AM in Madison Lake


Cemetery Information

Immaculate Conception Cemetery Association

St. Clair, MN  56080

May 2012

1.      The charge is $350.00 per grave for parishioners; $400.00 per grave for non-parishioners which includes perpetual care in both instances.

2.      When four graves are purchased, the owners will be required to use graves beginning from either right or left.

3.      In conveying of burial rights the title to the land does not pass to the individual purchasing such rights, but remains vested in the Cemetery  Association, and all lots or graves are subject to the rules and regulations passed by the Cemetery Board.

4.      After January 1, 1951, no burial lot or portion thereof shall be sold without permanent care.

5.      After January 1, 1951, no individual grave on any lot previously sold without permanent care shall be opened unless all annual care dues have been paid and permanent care has been provided for the particular grave.

6.      There is a charge of $450.00 for opening and closing a grave, when snow removal is needed and additional charge may be applied. When burial occurs on a Sunday or Holiday an additional fee of $100.00 is charged.

7.      All internments in our cemetery shall be in a cement grave box.

8.      Flowers may be placed on graves one week before Memorial Day. They are to be removed two weeks after Memorial Day.

9.      All flower urns are to be placed by the side of the monument with the Cemetery Board’s permission. They should be placed near the stone on the side of the monument or in the footstone. The base of the urn should be at a height of 24 inches from the ground and mounted in the cement base of the monument or footstone. The cost is to be paid by the individual wanting the urn installed. The urns are to be kept in good repair and flowers replaced annually. If urns are left in a state of disrepair, they will be removed by the Cemetery Board. Any other decoration or mementoes may not interfere with cemetery maintenance and will be removed within an appropriate time.

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